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New Diamond District Partnership Website Debuts on March 1, 2023

Diamond District Partnership is thrilled to announce the launch of its long awaited website. 

Our new website is a complete replacement of the familiar website the Diamond District Partnership has hosted for over a decade. While our previous website was once considered attractive and useful, as time and technology advanced users reported that it was difficult to navigate and contained content was far too wordy for practical use.

The new site is packed with features that will provide instant value to both shoppers, tourists, and district merchants. It is also specially designed to be equally as useful and attractive when experienced on a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer We are confident that our new website will be an entirely new experience for every visitor. Further, the new site is fully accessible to individuals with visual impairments or other issues that require accommodation by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The old site also lacked many of the graphical and practical features contemporary web users come to expect. It also lacked a clear division between features and information useful to visitors, tourists and shoppers. This includes an easy to find visitor map of the district and nearby attractions, up-to-date mass transit information, directions to the district, as well as suggestions of where to park.

The new site also includes an outstanding “Buyer’s Guide” that provides accurate, precise, and very easy to navigate tutorial about diamonds, precious gems and metals. The guide also features a very helpful body of shopping tips to ensure every shopper’s visit to the Diamond District is pleasant and productive.

Also, for history buffs, a separate section provides an interesting but concise history of the Diamond District dating back to the 1790s. Though short and to the point, it will certainly give visitors to the site a renewed sense of the district’s unique place in the history of New York city.

Diamond District merchants and business and property owners will appreciate the site for its useful features and access to information and the Diamond District Partnership. This includes the latest district news, a boundary map of the Business Improvement District and required financial disclosures. And make sure to stay tuned as we are preparing to offer several additional and exciting features —exclusively for Business Improvement District members.

The items listed above are just some of what you’ll find on our new website. And all throughout, you’ll be pleased by the pleasant, calming visual aesthetic, logical architecture, easily accessible information.

A website is the first impression people have of a business and destination. We are finally confident that the first impression visitors will have by visiting the District’s District website will provide the image and experience that sets the stage for a lifelong connection to “the world’s premier destination for diamonds and fine jewelry.”