Editorial: March 2023

Several careers ago I was an advertising copywriter. Like most other copywriters who sit all day writing ads, I looked up to various advertising luminaries as a source for ideas and inspiration.

My hero of heroes was Bill Bernbach—principal member of the renowned 20th Century ad agency, Doyle Dane Bernbach, and the brilliant mind whose quirky ads sold many millions of Volkswagen Beetles between the 1950s and 1980s, along with countless other iconic advertising campaigns that forever changed advertising and consumer marketing.


New Diamond District Partnership Website Debuts on March 1, 2023

Diamond District Partnership is thrilled to announce the launch of its long awaited website. 

Our new website is a complete replacement of the familiar website the Diamond District Partnership has hosted for over a decade. While our previous website was once considered attractive and useful, as time and technology advanced users reported that it was difficult to navigate and contained content was far too wordy for practical use.


Department of Sanitation Warns of Diamond District Crackdown on Illegal Sidewalk Signs

Responding to multiple complaints about the recent mushrooming of sidewalk signs in the Diamond District, officials from the New York city Department of Sanitation have reached out to the Diamond District Partnership to inform us about a pending citywide crackdown on these signs.