Discount & Mark-Downs

In some shops and exchanges on 47th Street, you’ll see signs that say “20%Off,” “50%Off,” “80%Off,” “Wholesale to the Public,” “Discounted Prices,” etc.

You will also see these signs at department stores, mall jewelers, and independent neighborhood jewelers, as well as on 47th Street.

You have good reason to believe that jewelry on 47th Street is offered at a good price because of our proximity to jewelry manufacturers and diamond dealers, and because of the intense competition.

But that doesn’t mean that everything you see is a bargain. The only way you can determine if the item is a good buy at the stated price is to comparison shop.

Look for a comparable item in several different places. When you see price differences, by all means ask the jeweler to account for them.

A good salesperson should be able to explain why their merchandise has a higher price tag. If you’re not satisfied with their answer, go elsewhere.

You may also want to ignore the discount signs. Shop around and ask questions.